Montana Vortex News

The Montana Vortex will be opening for the   season on May 23, 2020.   
Some Covid-19 restrictions are still in place. Tour sizes will be limited so wait times may exceed 30 minutes.  The State of Montana requires that you wear a face mask in our Gift Shop. Mask on tours are optional but you should also practice good social distancing skills as much as possible. 

May thru Labor Day Schedule
10:00 Am to 5:00PM Wednesday thru Monday and closed on Tuesdays for Covid Cleaning. The last Tour usually goes out before 4:30 PM

The Montana Vortex will close for the season the day after labor day this year. 

Admission Prices

Adults: $12.00

Children 6-12:  $8.00

Five and Under are still Free.   

Good News: We are now set up to take Canadian Debt and credit cards.

We have made another trip around the sun and 2020 is our 50th year of entertaining visitors and teaching them about vortexes and energy.

Each year thousands of people experience the Montana Vortex for the first time and they are amazed at what they see and feel and you will be amazed too.

Our famous vortex tours last about one hour but we find that most people stay on the grounds for an hour or more after the tours end.

The Montana Vortex can't be explained in normal scientific terms but most people believe that they are experiencing the Quantum at the macro level where we can see and feel the effects of this wonderful energy field. We leave it up to you to figure it all. out.  

Welcome to all of the Theta Healers from all over the world . We look forward to seeing you this year.

       Author and Vortex expert Nick Nelson will be back with us for another season leading tours and discovering knew things.

Nick's Golden Vortex was recently featured on Brad Meltzer's "De Coded" program on The History Channel. This Magnetic Healing devise got their recommendation. Available at our Gift Shop for a discounted price.
Nick's book "The Golden Vortex". Is available in our gift shop or by clicking here.

Don't forget to bring your camera dowsing rods, crystals, pendants, K2 meters, tri field meters, EMF recorders. There are a lot of paranormal things  going on at the Vortex. We have had 4 Bigfoot sightings on the grounds and Columbia Mountain is a UFO hotspot.











Start your Glacier Park Vacation at the Montana Vortex

                      The Portal Is Open For The 2020 Season

The Montana Vortex is a genuine quantum or gravitational anomaly that may re-define the laws of physics and nature. 


This internationally
famous sacred site is
located just thirteen miles west of Glacier National Park, and has been mystifying and exciting visitors for forty four years.

                    "Celebrating 49 years of family fun"

Native Americans were the first to recognize this naturally occurring phenomenon and still honor it today with offerings of tobacco and sweet grass.  
                                            "Feel The Power of Nature"

When visitors pass through the "Portal" they can see and feel the power of the vortex and they enter a reality where some physical rules like gravity and perspective are decidedly  skewed. Adults and children alike will enjoy this unique experience and many people come back year after year to "Feel The Power Of Nature".


                                 "The tours are great"

Our guided tours have been phenomenally successful and each year we have added some interesting self guided exhibits that you can leisurely take a look at after the main tour ends. Our tours last for about forty-five fun filled minutes and this is just some of what you can expect to see. 

                                         "Family fun at its best"

The famous "House of Mystery" is a crooked shack that sits right in the center of our smallest and most dynamic vortex. Built in 1970 as an attraction, the slanted walls and floors inside the house accentuate the power of the vortex and will provide you with lots of laughs and family fun as you explore and experience this unique energy field. 

                  "The House of Mystery was awesome"

One of the true mysteries
at the Montana Vortex is the question of how human beings can appear to shrink and grow in the eyes of others and themselves by simply walking a few short feet along a level surface?

   "The shrink and grow is worth the price of admission itself"

"The Platform" is a level
cement area that sits on one of the demarcation lines of the vortex. When you stand on one end of "The Platform" in the energy field you will shrink any where from four to six inches. Standing on the other end of "The Platform" will bring you back to your normal size. Visitors are continually amazed at being able to see this natural occurring phenomenon and leave with pictures and video to prove it.

"Amazing, six people shrinking and growing before your eyes"

 The Hexagon is unique to the Montana Vortex and was discovered in 2005. The growth pattern of the trees, one twisted and the rest growing in a half-circle, gave away a hexagon of small energy nodes on which we’ve placed stepping stones. The stones have all been leveled with a laser. From two to six people stand on stones opposite each other and as they move from stone to stone they can see each other shrink and grow. It’s an interactive experience that boggles the mind.

                                            "Learn to see your aura"

The Aura Spot is another one of a kind attraction that can only be experienced at the Montana Vortex. All living things emit a weak electromagnetic field and as a result of this we are all connected. At the Aura Spot our tour guides will teach you how to see and play with your own aura or energy field, and you will learn how your aura can affect all living things that come in contact with you. A fascinating new light bending discovery was made by our researchers at The Aura Spot in 2007 and has been added to this year’s tour.

     "The most metaphysical and esoteric place in Montana"

Our healing Labyrinth was built right in the center of the largest vortex on the grounds and is ready for your personal journey. Walking a labyrinth is an interesting approach to meditation and is claimed by many to have very special healing and spiritual powers. Our labyrinth is representative of the heart center and taking you back within. We invite you to take a walk in this special energy field.

                             "Rated Five Stars by Yahoo Travel Guide"

The "Golden Door"; how many times do you get a chance to go through a Golden door? See and experience it for yourself at the vortex.

                                "Like Sedona on steroids. The energy was amazing."

The Montana Vortex is considered the most dynamic vortex of all the known vortex attractions in the country. The sensory feelings and the energy that many people feel in their bodies will amaze you. So come and experience this natural phenomenon for yourself.

          "A must see on the way to Glacier National Park"

All cameras are welcome and we encourage you to take lots of photos.

                    email to:

                                    Montana Vortex
                                   7800 Hwy 2 East
                              Columbia Falls,MT 59912

Located on Hwy 2 between Columbia Falls and Hungry Horse on the way to Glacier National Park.

                                              Map to the Vortex

   Paranormal Investigators

The Montana Vortex is by far one of the most paranormal places in the United States.

Orbs, UFO's, strange lights, Bigfoot sightings and vocalizations and many other strange anomalies may occur while you are on the grounds. We offer special paranormal tours. If you have a paranormal group that you would like to bring to the Vortex then email us ahead of time so we can set it up.  

Bigfoot and paranormal researcher, Joe Hauser will be here this year to answer your questions and take reports.

Joe just spoke at the UFO and Paranormal Summit in Ocean Shores, Washington and the MUFON UFO Conference in Port Townsend, Washington.  On June 16th Joe will be a guest on Night Dreams Talk Radio discussing all kinds of paranormal activity. or call in at 1-833-262-8788.  Joe will also be speaking at the Mile High Mystery Conference outside of Colorado Springs in September.   

If you are into Bigfoot, UFO's, or other paranormal things then stop by the Vortex and talk to Joe and Tammy. 

In addition we have many Bigfoot footprint casts on display in the gift shop. If you want you can get your photo taken with one for free.



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